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Nerida recommended this to us.  She said to phone a number she left and then pick up the boat at Navua which was about six miles away.  She said to be sure to buy some sweets for the village children to take with us.  This we did and it was really an amazing day made all the better because we were doing alone rather than being herded on to a tourist coach.  This is one reason why exchanging homes suits us so much.

River Trip Return Navua 3.JPG (68505 bytes)  Navua river and our boat.  It took 75 minutes to reach the village going at quite a reasonable speed as the boat had an outboard.  Our guide asked for the money before we set off rather apologetically but, as he explained, he needed to buy the petrol at the garage opposite.

Navua Market.JPG (67211 bytes)  Navua Shop.JPG (62053 bytes)  Navua Shop 2.JPG (73344 bytes)  Scenes from very Indian Navua

River Trip boat bow.JPG (426829 bytes)<<<<We set off and Theresa and Abi love it>>>>>Theresa Abi on boat 1.JPG (67132 bytes)

River Trip River Falls.JPG (69675 bytes)  River Trip River 8.JPG (65000 bytes)  River Trip River 4.JPG (74869 bytes)  River Trip Return 1.JPG (84224 bytes)  <<Some spectacular scenery on the way

River Trip Return 7.JPG (451059 bytes)  Washing clothes on the river bank

On arrival we were taken to the meeting house for lunch, talk to the chief,drink cava and be entertained by Fijian singing.....

River Trip Meeting House 2.JPG (429198 bytes)  L to R= Chief, Cava man, our guide

River Trip Lunch.JPG (187680 bytes)  Lunch being set out for us

Theresa Abi Cava.JPG (311593 bytes)  Yummy (not) Theresa drinks Cava.  Theresa says she knew it was going to be bad as it is the only time she's heard me refuse a second alcoholic drink!

River Trip Sing Song.JPG (85318 bytes)  Our lunch time entertainment

River Trip Loo.JPG (68594 bytes)  Comfort break after lunch.  

We chose these offering a tad more privacy>>River Trip Loos.JPG (71080 bytes)

River Trip Village.JPG (73356 bytes)  River Trip House 3.JPG (73972 bytes)  River Trip Village 2.JPG (71281 bytes)  River Trip House Small 2.JPG (76657 bytes)  The village houses

River Trip Kids closer.JPG (92637 bytes)  River Trip Kids 2.JPG (71610 bytes)  River Trip Kids 3.JPG (69285 bytes)  Children loving the lollies we took them

Shane Theresa Abi River Trip.JPG (473323 bytes)  Us before we set off back to Navua

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