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Our first trip to Sydney proved not to be our last as we went back again just over a year later.  Pretty well everyone who has had the good fortune to visit Sydney seems to say it is one of their very favourite cities and we thought exactly the same way.  This was only a two day stop-over and we were at an hotel rather than exchanging.

The hotel was at Darling Harbour and, on the day of our arrival, it was the final day of the Sydney Boat Show so the harbour was alive that evening.  We did all the usual things within the time available to us.

Landing Sydney 3.JPG (47463 bytes)  Nearing touchdown at Sydney

All Seasons Darling Harbour.JPG (74117 bytes)  Our hotel at Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour Restaurant Row.JPG (68740 bytes)  Im Angus Restaurant.JPG (71733 bytes)<<Where we ate dinner, night one

Darling Harbour 3.JPG (66084 bytes)  Darling Harbour Fountain.JPG (71391 bytes)  Darling Harbour2.JPG (88442 bytes)  Darling Harbour Square.JPG (69884 bytes)<<All Darling Harbour

Incongruous Church.JPG (112444 bytes)  Who'd have thought of building a church between two office blocks??!!

China Town gate.JPG (86182 bytes)<<China Town and nearby Market City>>Market City.JPG (68020 bytes)

Bridge from Wharfe.JPG (71912 bytes)  Opera House.JPG (64662 bytes)  The Rocks.JPG (71674 bytes)  Momorail at DH.JPG (69736 bytes)  Typically Sydney

Theresa & Abi on boat.JPG (57139 bytes)  "Cheese"

Governors mansion.JPG (68232 bytes)  Governor's mansion on Sydney Harbour

Bridge wake.JPG (70716 bytes)  Flag on Bridge.JPG (145224 bytes)  As you probably know, you can go on a 'bridge walk', right over the top of the bridge.  On the first picture you can just about see the flags (click to make bigger) - on the second you can see quite clearly the dozen or so brave souls who had just reached the top.  I wanted to go, but, you know, Theresa and Abi were too frightened to come with me so I thought, nah, won't bother, hehe.

  Rainbow.JPG (446428 bytes)  One of my favourite shots - not often one can get a rainbow recorded so clearly

TV Weather forecast Sydney.JPG (70498 bytes)  The weather forecast that Friday!

So, after Sydney we set off to our exchanger's holiday place at Surfer's Paradise, south of Brisbane.  Go there!

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