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Bijma asked us if we'd like to go to their home for dinner which was about four miles away.  We accepted readily although, naturally, did not know what to expect.  She asked us what we would like to eat and, being unadventurous in the food department (well I am but Theresa and Abi are not, we said "nothing too hot!"  It was decided that we would visit their home on the following Saturday evening and Sobhag told us to take the four wheel drive rather than the saloon car........

We found the house quite easily and besides some of their own children a sister in law and children were also there.  Firstly we were offered tea and biscuits and, later, we had dinner.  Menu:  Roti which Bijma bakes early every morning, a dip, chicken curry, rice and chicken's livers.  We were treated like royalty and it was fantastic experiencing a different culture at such close quarters and asking about different customs like arranged marriages etc.  They loved photographs, and particularly my digital camera, so every conceivable combination of family members posed.  Later I had the pictures printed and I sent them there and received a very nice letter back from them.  Here are just a selection:

Chand Family on Steps 1.JPG (469453 bytes)  Bijma, Sobag and family greeting us at their home

Chands & us 3.JPG (462996 bytes)  The three of us with Sobag and Bijma

Chand girls & Abi.JPG (423641 bytes)  Abi with B&S's three daughters

Chands and Abi.JPG (438397 bytes)  Abi & children

Chands Anita etc.JPG (430586 bytes)  Sister in law, Anita, and children

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