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Subject to agreement three cars are available (be sure to look at the red one!):

BMW Compact4.JPG (14458 bytes)   BMW compact 316i. November 1997 with air conditioning and 'sports pack'. It has manual transmission (stick shift).

   Mercedes C Class Estate, 2003 model.  The great thing with this car is its fantastic fuel economy.  It is automatic, diesel powered and will achieve up to 50 mpg in luxury.  With gas prices at UK levels visitors from USA or Australia will particularly appreciate this!  The car has air conditioning, leather, cruse and a CD player etc.     Mercedes from front

dax front small.jpg (85214 bytes)  Dax side drive.JPG (80662 bytes) dax front drive closer.JPG (89872 bytes)  dax shane 2.JPG (71047 bytes)This car is strictly a thrilling play-thing and called a Dax Rush.  Two seats, the engine is a Ford Cosworth two litre turbocharged unit, T5 racing gearbox which together give phenomenal performance - 0-60 m.p.h. in 3.7 seconds!!!!!  Use of the car might be possible but, with no roof, it is for relatively short trips when the weather isn't going to let you down.  Getting in and out needs a degree of agility and is not for those of a nervous disposition as it will outperform pretty well any super-car on the road.  Care - a license loser!

dax inside small.jpg (93541 bytes)   The inside - great isn't it?

Jagfront.JPG (35382 bytes)    Sorry I have now sold my Jaguar - you should have come earlier!  However, the Dax Rush eats Jags for breakfast, hehe

If we use your cars please make certain your insurance fully covers us, including third party risks.

On a more mundane but healthy level, four adult bicycles are also available for use.



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Tel: 44 1425 657803

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