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Exchange No. 3 was once again in the Los Angeles Area at Beverley Hills.  Our exchange family met us at the airport and we left on the plane they arrived on.  This is convenient for cars but not for the practicalities of settling in at this end.  It was also tricky identifying them at 'Arrivals' because we were expecting a family of two adults and two children but El decided to follow a few days later owing to business commitments - so it was only Amy and two children.  This meant that El was there to pick us up at the airport and show us over the house.

Another great advantage of the house was that it was close to Peter & Lori and they let us use their beach club again.  We were in Beverley Hills for three weeks and gave us more time to take a few trips.

Being such a universally well known place this exchange was pretty cool for the children (and us) so thanks to El & Amy for giving us the opportunity.

house front.JPG (223962 bytes)  House front

house back.JPG (230093 bytes)  House front

girls pool.JPG (207759 bytes)  Sisters

usall.JPG (186511 bytes)  Family Dowling

s&t 230895.JPG (191218 bytes)  Think this was taken on 23 August, 1995 - our 20th wedding anniversary.  Also think we've gone to the dogs since then (as you will agree if you look at later exchange pages).

hollywood.JPG (237622 bytes)  Okay, I admit it - this one is a post card.

Mgm.jpg (185746 bytes)  MGM Grand - our first of many subsequent visits to Las Vegas

mgm front.JPG (233974 bytes)  MGM Grand - pool area

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